Adapted from the 1962 manual published by Magna Amercian, Corp.

Shopsmith is a machine: it cannot think for you.

  1. Do not stand in line with any cutting or abrading tool.
  2. Never rush a job. Correct tool speed is important, but rushing the job is poor craftsmanship. Wear safety goggles. Do not wear jewelry or lose clothing when working in the shop.
  3. Using a push stick or hold down is good shop procedure.
  4. Secure all machine locks before turning on the machine.
  5. Check locks when going to vertical position.
  6. Never reach over a machine for a tool.
  7. Do not adjust any engergized power tool.
  8. Never remove a cutoff from the saw table while the blade is in motion.
  9. When sawing, keep blade projection just high enough to do the job - avoid the extreme.
  10. Keep cutting tools sharp.
  11. Never use the rip fence as a stop for cutting off duplicate pieces.
  12. When ripping, feed with the thumb; keep fingers hooked over the fence. Even if the saw is equiped with guards, keep fingers away from the blade. Use push sticks, featherboards, and push blocks as much as possible.
  13. Never operate any tool in excess of maximum recommended speed.
  14. Never cut freehand on table saw.
  15. When crosscutting, use the miter gauge - when ripping, use the rip fence.
  16. Be sure that inserts are flush with the top of the table. When inserting, tighten front screw first and then tighten rear screw until insert is flush.